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Application for Mini-Travel Grants for Conferences and Visiting Fellowships!



ARUA Centre for Excellence in Urbanization and Habitable Cities at the University of Lagos, Nigeria Calls for Travelling Grants and Visiting Fellowships

The ARUA CoE for Urbanization and Habitable Cities is a network of 10 African Universities, with support from 2 Universities in the UK. The Network has engaged in capacity building, scoping studies and stakeholder engagement in Transportation, Informality and Inequality and Urban Resilience since 2019 when it was formed. The Network is supported by the ARUA-UKRI-GCRF Partnerships Fund. It seeks to strengthen its impact in promoting Africa-Africa, and Africa-UK Scholarship through two small grant programmes. These are:

  • Conference Presentation Travel Grants
  • Mobility Grants for Doctoral Exchange/Visiting Researchers Programme

All awardees would be expected to provide brief presentations on the impact of the Grants upon return, as would be scheduled.  Kindly note that an applicant may only apply to ONE of these grants.


Call announcement: Thursday, 6th October 2022

Call closes: Sunday, 23rd  October, 2022

Notification of Successful Applications: Friday 28th  October, 2022

Pre-travel meeting with Successful Applicants: Tuesday 8th November, 2022

Award Starts: Dates between 1st January to 30th April 2023

Scheduled Presentation of Impact: Tuesday 2nd of May to Friday, 12th of May, 2023

Kindly reach out by email to boyalowo@unilag.edu.ng, and copy centreforhousing@unilag.edu.ng for clarifications. Subject: Mobility Grants.

Thank you. 

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