Land Management and Administration Cluster

The Land Management and Administration Cluster is one of the ARUA CoE domiciled at Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development (CHSD) at the University of Lagos.  Land underlies virtually everything pertaining to sustainable development. Land is so critical, land drives, it governs, it directs how resources are brought into use and how they benefit the communities and individuals as well. It also has implications for resources that can be hold upon or financing different aspects of urban development that should concern everyone, either as residence, directors, sponsor of research to investigate different issues that can affect communities and their capacity to absorb the shocks, to react to them, to build back and ensure a sustainable future for generations ahead.


Land administration and management tasks holistically incorporate land valuation, allocation, registration, documentation, periodic tax/land charges assessments, acquisitions, compensation, assignments, excision, resilience in land conflicts and other unprecedented land transactions.


The objectives of the cluster include the followings:

v  Identify and properly map out vulnerable populations and communities in Lagos.

v  Investigate the various dimensions and contexts of their vulnerabilities.

v  Evaluate existing coping strategies of the at-risk communities with a view to determining the level of their efficacy and sustainability.

v  Identify the constraints to optimal levels of resilience.

v  Investigate the practicability of various improvement strategies and policy options for addressing the challenges to resilience.

v  Identifying Vulnerabilities in the Land Market

v  Coping Studies of Investors and Market Players

v  Issues of Government Acquisition and Excision: The Legal Perspective

v  Community Driven Pathways for Resilience Strategies: Lessons and Experience

v  Land Tenure and Resilience of Informal Settlements: The Way Forward

v  Ultimately the cluster, in line with the overarching goal of highlighting areas for possible funded collaborative research, identified clear guidelines and methodological approaches which can be replicated in other cities across Africa

v  Investigating issues of land challenges, urban land use resilience practices among at-risk communities with a view to assessing their efficacy and identifying areas for capacity building and improvement.


Read more here on the policy brief and stakeholder report of the cluster.

Prof. Modupe Omirin - Cluster Lead
Dr. Esther Thontteh - Cluster Manager