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Land and Development in Lagos

Full Book_Land and Development in Lagos

Preliminary Pages

Chapter 1: Territoriality and Land Grabbing in Lagos, 1861-Present by R. T. Akinyele

Chapter 2: The Undercurrents of Land Acquisition and Management in Lagos: An Analysis of Eti-Osa and Ibeju by Irene N. Osemeka and Rasheed A. Sarumi

Chapter 3: “The Omo Onile Issue is Scary”: Narratives of the Struggles of Co-operative Societies in Land Assembly in Peri-urban Lagos by B. A. Oyalowo, T. G. Nubi and A. C. Otegbulu

Chapter 4: Land Speculation and Land Affordability in Selected Urban Fringe Areas in Lagos by Esther Oromidayo Thontteh, Modupe M. Omirin and Olusegun Olaopin Olanrele

Chapter 5: Developers’ Land Acquisition Activities and Housing Development in the Lagos Megacity Fringes by Modupe M. Omirin, Timothy G. Nubi and Esther O. Thontteh

Chapter 6: The Lekki Free Trade Zone Impasse and the Trajectory of Development in Lagos State by I. A. Saibu and Cecilia Titilayo Clement

Chapter 7: Change of Residence and the Challenges of Urban Sprawl Residents in Lagos State: Insight from White Sand Community by Franca Attoh and E. O. Fapetu

Chapter 8: Land Use and Urban Wildlife Conservation in Lagos State: The Case of Mona Monkey (Cercopithecus mona, Schreber 1774) by F. Olaleru, T. M. Saka, and A. S. O. Soneye

Chapter 9: Estimation of Carbon Stock in the Coastal Wetlands of Lagos State by Akoso Tamarabrakemi Michael

Chapter 10: Colonial Administration and Land Policies in Lagos, 1861-1960 by Lanre Davies

Chapter 11: The European Business Community and Colonial Land Policy in Lagos by Bose O. Okuntola

Chapter 12: Land Reform: A Catalyst for Inclusive Growth and Development in Lagos State by Peter O. Adeniyi

Chapter 13: Geodetic Infrastructure for the Provision of Appropriate Cadastral Survey Works in Nigeria by P. C. Nwilo, 0. T. Badejo, C. J. Okolie and M. J. Orji

Chapter 14: Data-Driven Solutions for Tackling Land Administration Challenges in Lagos by Peter Elias

Chapter 15: Dredging, Reclamation and the Expansion of Lagos Metropolitan Territory, 1860 to the Present by Edmund M. Chilaka

Chapter 16: Lagoon Waterfront Reclamation in Lagos and Its Discontents: Government Policy and Countervailing Pressure, 1996-2018 by Ayodeji Olukoju

Chapter 17: The Challenge of Urban Evolution and Land Management in Developing Countries: Some Lessons from the City of Lagos by Mayowa Fasona, Ajibade Ariori and Akinlabi Akintuyi

Chapter 18: Evolution of Property and Rating Taxation in Lagos State by Adekunle G. Awolaja

Chapter 19: A Study on the Externality Effect of Hotels on Rental Value: A Focus on Residential Properties in Lagos Metropolis by T. O. Akinwande, G. K. Babawale, A. C. Otegbulu, and O. L. Umeh

Chapter 20: Scavenging and Waste Management in Lagos Since the Pre-Colonial Period by Paul Osifodunrin

Chapter 21: Tackling Gender Discrimination in Access to Land and Land Use in Lagos: Realising the Sustainable Development Goals by Ayodele Atsenuwa, Asikia Karibi-Whyte and Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi

Chapter 22: Intergovernmental Relations and the Resolution of Land Disputes between the Federal Government and Lagos State by A.A. Lawal

Chapter 23: Cattle Grazing and Landgrabbing Politics in Nigeria: A Re-colonization Strategy of the Fulani? by Bernard Nnamdi Adinuba

Chapter 24: Narrating Space(s) in the Nigerian Novel: The Examples of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Kaine Agary’s Yellow-Yellow and Ben Okri’s The Famished Road by Kayode G. Kofoworola