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A Town and Gown Meeting: Fostering Community Engagement and Collaboration

The Town and Gown Meeting on Fostering Community Engagement and Collaboration took place at the University of Lagos organized by the Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Research Management Office aiming to address critical issues in housing and urban development. The event gathered stakeholders from academia, government, industry, and the community to foster collaboration and develop evidence-based solutions for sustainable urbanization.

The meeting started with attendees singing both the National and UNILAG anthems. Esteemed guests, including the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics and Research, Professor Bola Oboh, the Director of the Research Management Office, and the founding director of the Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development, Professor Timothy, and co-director, Professor Taibat Lawanson were acknowledged.

Prof. Bola Oboh gave the welcome address by highlighting the significance of community engagement and collaboration. She acknowledged the importance of the workshop’s theme and emphasized the university’s commitment to engaging with the community for mutual benefit.

Prof. Timothy Nubi emphasized the importance of evidence-based research and collaboration between academia and stakeholders. He stressed the gap between academic research and practical application, advocating for evidence-based decision-making for societal progress.

Research Cluster Presentations:

Research clusters of the Centre presented their activities and initiatives:

  • Urban Livability Cluster: Dr. Adelopo highlighted collaborative efforts to improve urban livability through projects related to climate change, sanitation, and community health.
  • Sustainable Cities and African Urbanization Dynamics Cluster: Dr. Victor Ilechukwu discussed research areas like city resilience, environmental changes, and sustainable transportation in Africa.
  • Land Management and Administration Research Cluster: Prof. Modupe Omirin emphasized the importance of proper land management in addressing housing and infrastructure challenges.
  • Built Environment Cluster: Prof. Dada focused on digitalization initiatives to enhance efficiency and sustainability in infrastructure development.
  • Housing and Regeneration Cluster: Oluwaseun Muraina discussed collaborative research efforts in both formal and informal housing sectors.
  • Geospatial Technology Integration: Dr. Sesan Adeyemi highlighted the importance of integrating spatial data across various sectors.
  • Sustainable Urban Design and Infrastructure Cluster: Dr. Iniobong John emphasized the cluster’s activities in promoting sustainable urban development through research and collaboration.

Prof. Taibat Lawanson provided a recap of the workshop’s first half, highlighting the multidisciplinary research clusters and the centre’s focus on urban management and sustainable urbanization.

Dr. Osagie invited feedback from attendees, promoting collaborative efforts for desired state and country outcomes. Representatives from various sectors, including government, academia, and professional bodies, shared their insights, challenges, and suggestions for collaboration.

Professor Timothy Nubi stressed the importance of evidence-based research for informed decision-making and national development. He highlighted the disconnect between academia and government and emphasized the need to utilize research products in policymaking.

Participants including representatives from housing ministries and professional associations, shared their experiences, insights, and challenges related to housing and urban development.

Dr. Jimoh expressed gratitude to all participants for their contributions and emphasized the collaborative nature of the event in addressing housing challenges effectively.

The Town and Gown meeting successfully facilitated collaboration between academia, government, industry, and the community to address housing challenges and develop evidence-based solutions for sustainable urbanization. The event highlighted the importance of research, collaboration, and community engagement in driving positive change and fostering sustainable development.

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