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Summary of a Two-Day Expert Group Meeting (Hybrid) on Peaceful Urban Futures in Nigeria

The Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development, University of Lagos, and Africa Research University Alliance (ARUA) organized a Migration, Urbanization and Conflict in Africa: Towards Peaceful Urban Futures (MUCA). A two-day experts’ workshop held on the 15th to 16th January at the Radisson Hotel, Ikeja Lagos brought together leading scholars and practitioners to discuss the critical issues of migration, urbanization, and conflicts in Nigeria. The workshop featured keynote addresses from Prof. Isaac Olawale Albert of the University of Ibadan and James Barnett of Oxford University as guest lecturer, as well as a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Taibat Lawanson. The workshop emphasized the importance of using research and data to inform policy interventions that address the root causes of conflict and promote sustainable development.

The speaker Prof. Isaac Olawale Albert provided insights into the historical and political context of migration and conflict in Nigeria. James Barnett shared his expertise on urban planning and governance in conflict-affected areas. Insight from the panel discussion moderated by Prof. Taibat Lawanson, the panel featured presentations from Mr. Victor Lutenco International Office for Migration who analyzed migration’s role in shaping urban landscapes and its potential to ignite or mitigate conflict. Dr. Chris Kwaja from the United States Institute for Peace focused on specific regional challenges and opportunities stemming from migration and urbanization. Dr. Joseph Ochogwu from the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution shared insights on conflict resolution strategies within the context of migration and rapid urbanization.

Dr. Esther Thontteh and Dr. Kennedy Eborka presented impactful research findings, further enriching the discussion. The workshop culminated in consensus on key thematic areas for a book exploring these issues across diverse Nigerian contexts. Each chapter will be accompanied by an abstract outlining its focus. The insights gained from the workshop will inform future research and policy interventions aimed at promoting peace and sustainable development in the country.